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Learn how to protect your network for free. However, if you value your time, you can also hire our team of professionals to do that for you.

Setting up a secure network

Did you know that hackers can use freely available software to get a list with all the devices that are connected to your network? Then, they can make some of these devices connect to their own hotspots, and thus get access to all the information that your devices are sending and receiving over the web. Find out how you can keep your network 100% secure.



How to choose strong account passwords

Believe it or not, it is now possible to build a $10,000 computer which is able to crack any 8-character password in less than 3 hours. And the job can be done even faster by renting Amazon's cloud elastic services for pennies! Discover the most important tips that will help you pick a very strong password, and thus keep all your accounts secure.



Effective Wi-Fi router security tips

Most routers are very easy to configure these days, and yet few of us take the time to go through all their menus. It's a pity, because some of the default settings may open huge security holes, allowing hackers to connect to your wireless networks. Read this article to discover some simple, and yet very effective solutions to these serious problems.



IoT security guidelines

The Internet of Things sector is growing faster than ever; most companies make use of IoT devices to automate various processes these days. And yet, IoT device security is often poor. Software patches can't be applied easily, and some devices can't be upgraded at all! Discover the key security guidelines that have the potential to solve all these problems.



The ultimate malware removal guide

Malware infections can make businesses lose their reputation, money and clients. Read this guide and you will learn how to clean a malware-infected computer by making use of freely available applications and cloud-based services. Then, discover the best tips that will help you keep any computer free from malware.



Protect your network using our advanced security systems. We block any and all malicious actors, while allowing authorized users full access to the network resources. Contact us for a customized service package.